Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good bye 2015, Hello 2016!

Alhamdulillah. The ending of 2015

 Salam 2016..Semoga Allah memudahkan urusanku mencapai target dan impian pada tahun ini.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Casuarina@Meru dan Lost World Tambun

Casuarina@Meru Ipoh. Nice hotel and breakfast. Ada government staff rate.

Lost world Tambun. anak2 memang happy kat sini. tapi kenapa kat petting zoo tak dapat feed pun. saya tanya pekerja that sitting near the birds area. diorang jawab birds kat situ baru makan je dah kenyang. bagus punya jawapan. i dah janji dgn anak tau nak feed rabbit and birds

Holiday Inn Batu Feringhi dan MITC

Second time stay di Holiday Inn Hotel.. Feringghi. First time dulu di Lyon. So far hotel ni tak pernah mengecewakan..always comfortable dan kemudahan yg lengkap dalam bilik.

adik yg capture gambar ni. saya tgh ber conference
view from our room

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Travel to Paris

Paris sangat cantik. Banyak attraction place to see. Lyon pun cantik, bersih dan tenang. Kalau tanya saya nak study kat mana, sy prefer Lyon. Hihi. Paris nak melancong seminggu ok. It’s a busy city.

Kami ada masa 1 hari je di Paris. Jadi kami hanya jalan2 melawat kawasan je. Takde chance nak naik Eiffel tower dan river cruise sebab beratur panjang. Tempat2 yang kami pergi ada dalam map ni

Public transport di sini sama macam Lyon. Sangat convenient. Disebabkan flight kami ke KL waktu pagi, dan masa arrived Paris dari Lyon waktu malam, saya book hotel dekat2 dengan airport dan ada free shuttle. 

Untuk melawat Paris, boleh beli Paris visit Pass di kaunter saja. tak boleh pakai mesin
machine is only for single ticket

Public transport
The ticket can be used in metro, RER, bus and funicular

Public transport map

Paris visit pass 
23 euro for 1 day
2 days maybe around 29 euro (forgot)
includes zone 1 to 5
you can buy ticket in desired zone only
for single ticket from airport to Gare du nord = 10 euro (use RER B)
for return, + 10 euro more
so we decided to by pass from zone 1 to 5 because the airport is in zone 5
most of attractions are in zone 1 and 2
Disneyland is in zone 5
 you can go to the attraction place by metro, RER etc (trains)
however, its underground so can't see the scenery of Paris
we're lucky while we're busy looking at the map in Gare du Nord,
we're approached by an uncle (looks like going to work, india muslim, singaporean)
he told us to take bus number 42 for easier route to eiffel tower

his tips is really really helpful
we pass by lot of attraction places along the way to Eiffel
Champs Elysees
Arc de Triomphe
and several historical building, with visitors seen at the outside
we didn't stop by at all places. enough viewing from bus
but if we have more days, i prefer to walk from building to building 

There are hop on and hop off bus, 
but higher price, has limited time at every stop
and i like to explore the place. banyak bezanya travel dengan tourist guide dan explore sendiri. explore sendiri akan terasa lebih puas dan lebih mengenali tempat itu. ececeh

Halal food
There are Malaysian and Indonesian resstaurant
tapi kami tak sempat pergi sebab kedudukannya agak jauh dengan tempat attraction
but it still in zone 1 and 2
Paling banyak halal food di sekitar Gare du nord
Kami makan di restaurant betul2 depan pintu stesen
Sedap baq mai chicken tikka dan kebab dia. mana nak cari kat malaysia macam ni? mengidam!
Hotel and shuttle

We stayed at ibis hotel with free shuttle to airport. 

There are few buses- silver, gold and -- line (lupa lagi)
At that time, the silver line will bring you to ibis hotel, F1 hotel, suite novotel

How to find the shuttle
At airport terminal for train, TGV and RER, take the elevator until the highest level (can see road outside), you can find the bus shuttle signboard direction. Last time we're not far from 2C and 2E terminal/level.

Buying souvenirs
Souvenir at tourist attraction place is so expensive. Better buy at other places. From another blogger, they said the cheaper is at Montmarte and Rambuteau. Tapi kami tak sempat p -_- Masa dalam bus kami ternampak ada banyak kedai souvenir tepi jalan. Terus turun bus masa bus stop dalam jem. Redha je la walaupun taktau kami dimana masa tu. Rupanya itu la Pont Neuf. Tempat bridge mangga2 cinta. Tapi saya takde masa nak p belek manga2 tu semua, kaki pun dah lenguh. terus looking for souvenir. By the way Pont Neuf quite good place to buy souvenir. Price is ok and more choice. 
Ok bye

Monday, October 5, 2015

Trip to Lyon, France

It’s about a month I came back from Lyon. Kena curi2 masa untuk menulis ni. sebelum lupa dan reference di masa hadapan. Sejak balik dok mencari2 idea untuk writing. Can I say writing is the hardest part in research?. Ok last semester I said it was the experiment. 
Tujuan saya ke Lyon ialah untuk attend 42nd Leeds Lyon Symposium on Tribology. Banyak nama besar dalam bidang ni yang datang. Salah satu sebab saya interested sangat nak join. I am the only participant from Malaysia. 

saya kat mana?

My session - 1st session in da morning. lepas tu boleh horayy

From thrilling to exciting journey

I made decision to attend the conference in Lyon just 2 weeks before we leave. The funding approved 3 weeks before the conference date. On that time MYR rate is falling, flight ticket and hotel price is rising. The hotel provided by conference organizer is already full so I need to find on my own.  I’m quite worried if I don’t have enough time to prepare for conference and some research about travelling there. Another thing I tak pernah tinggal anak selama seminggu. I really want to bring them but feel not confident enough to bring them since I need to change transport few times. Lagipun hotel yang kami stay 1.1 km dari conference venue. Husband kena teman saya tiap2 hari. How nak carry anak2 jalan sejauh itu dan nak lepak mana nanti? Every day I prayed that Allah may ease our journey and alhamdulillah memang sentiasa dipermudahkan urusan kami .

Travel to Lyon

From KLIA to Paris

Connecting flight KL-Dubai (7.5 hrs) Dubai-Paris (6.5 hrs)

Tips- Flight ke Paris dari KLIA yang paling murah biasanya Emirates, Qatar, Etihad Airways. Tapi diorang ni among top ranking in the world. Overall we were comfortable and enjoyed our journey with Emirates.

From Paris to Lyon

Can take flight or TGV from Paris. At that time, the flight is cheaper! But I choose TGV because of the experience :D

TGV Paris-Lyon (2 hrs)

Tips- Can buy through TGV websites or on the spot. But the tickets might be sold out. The price in the website may fluctuates

To reach Holiday Inn Vaise hotel, from TGV Part Dieu station, we took
2 Metro
1 Bus
can buy ticket in the counter or machine. we use machine. just change to english language.

Total journey duration including connecting flight and tgv is 29 hours. Sampai2 ja kami tidur pengsan. Dah lama tak jumpa katil. Esok pagi dah nak kena present. First day first session.

Holiday Inn Lyon Vaise Hotel
There are few Holiday Inn in Lyon. Vaise is 8 km from main train station. Nearest metro station is Valmy. How to reach Holiday Inn Vaise from Part Dieu station? You need to ride metro B from Part-Dieu to Saxe-Gambetta. Change to metro D, stop in Gorge de Loup. Then take a bus no 3 or 19. Stop at pont d’ ecully. Exactly in front of the hotel. Overall I m very satisfied with hotel. Comfortableand clean room, bed and toilet. They also provide kettle, iron and board, hair dryer, study table and lcd tv

Public transport in Lyon
They have a convenient public transport system here. We need just half an hour to understand the system. 

Ticket information
Single ticket 1.8 euro. Can be used repeatably in 1 hour. 1 way. including metro, bus, funicular and tram 

Lyon 1 day pass 
5.5 euro for the whole day. morning until midnight. including metro, bus, funicular and tram 

Can be bought through machines using credit card or coins

Few tips:
If you want to travel by metro, tram etc, just refer to the map.

Metro, tram map

By bus,
From Valmy to Part Dieu- bus no 6
From Hotel de Ville to Parc Tete d’Or-bus no 5
We ride metro D from Valmy to Vieux Lyon (historical building). Walk until Bellecour (unpurposely tak sedar dah jalan sampai next stesen sebab stesen ni terletak di antara 2 sungai. Rhone and Saone. Beautiful scenery along the walks. Then take metro A until hotel de Ville (another tourist attraction place). 

If you want to travel to another place by bus, just looking for the bus stop nearby and read the map and bus route. It’s very effective that they have the maps in every bus stop.

Bus route map

Halal food in Lyon
Halal food nearest to the Holiday Inn Vaise is 1.2 km away. There are 2 restaurants, La Mer Egee (Turkish restaurant)and another 1 is just few steps before. The food is nice. Kebab is €5.5 and for a set with rice is € 9.50. The workers are also very nice. They tried their best to help us when we asked about route to city.
 I saw few other restaurants with halal logo near Vieux Lyon metro station but most of them are indian. ( bergantung kepada keyakinan anda).
I think there are still a lot (from google) because many muslims here. Some of them are so friendly and greet us.

Kebab dan steak set

Malaysian in Lyon
Yes, there are Malaysian in Lyon and most of them are students. Now there are about 20 students here. Thanks to adik Hafiz yang menunggu kami di TGV station masa kami sampai dan guide kami sampai ke hotel.

The scenery of Lyon city

Monday, May 18, 2015

JJCM Restaurant Horizon Garden Manjung

# Tempat makan best di lumut / manjung

Hari ni nak review satu restoran best kat manjung. Found this restaurant masa 1 night stayed dekat lumut hari tu. Kami tak plan pun nak makan dekat mana. Encik suami saya yang memang suka food testing drive pusing2 dari lumut ke manjung sampai la kitorang nampak depan kedai ni.Tengok dari luar my 1st impression memang tinggi la. Hotel style gitu. Maaf gambar ehsan google je sebab i tengah nak angkat hasif yang tengah tido masa tu. 

Masuk kedai, waitress bukakan pintu dan kami pun pilih meja. Lepas tu ada sorang waiter datang tanya nak baby basket tak. I pun cakap nak. Happy jugak sebab rasa comfortable.  Tengok gambar ni bukan main sedap lagi hasif sleep dalam ni. Tapi tak lama pun. tak sempat makanan sampai dia dah bangun terus meniarap. Tekojut akak. nasib baik sempat pegang basket tu. apa pun I suka layanan kat restoran ni.

Kat sini menu dia yang special ialah nasi berlauk. Rasa macam takda menu western. Nasi goreng, mee goreng ada tapi tak banyak variety. ada la dalam 6-7 jenis kot. Set nasi lauk yang paling kecil ialah untuk 2-3 orang makan. RM 77 per set. My husband pilih set yang ni. dalam set ni dapat 4 dishes, kita boleh pilih nak ikan, ayam, daging dan seafood lain. dapat jugak 2 gelas tea dan fruit salad. kami pilih ikan bakar tomyam, butter prawn, sup sayur dan sotong masak pedas. tak sure apa nama dia dalam menu. sizzling kot? Tak sempat jugak nak amik gamba sebelum makan. Gamba dah selesai makan jugak yang dapat. paham2 je la dengan nak suap anak. anak nak meniarap. anak nak cucuk buah. meja kami comot sampai ke lantai kot. hahah. jenuh jugak la kami laki bini nak menghabiskan semua lauk. seriously lauk dia memang sedap. sampai termimpi2 tido I malam tu.. haha over kan. next time kalau datang area sini inshaAllah nak datang lagi. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Haziq in da morning

Assalamualaikum rainy Tuesday May 12

Hari ni tiba2 rasa nak menulis disini. rupa-rupanya last entry almost setahun yg lepas. Sebenarnya ni pun i dah curi masa yang sepatutnya i kena buat simulation. Bukan main lagi tak sabar drive 1 jam 20 minit td dalam hujan non stop nak sampai sini utk buat keje. Tapi disebabkan hati ibu yang meruntun2 teringat kat anak i nak tulis the future anak2 boleh baca.

Pagi tadi dah siap2 elok nak keluar rumah tiba Haziq bangun. i pun dalam hati alamak x sempat keluar pula.
Haziq tgk ibu dah siap pakai tudung of course la kalut datang pegang baju.

Ibu: Haziq nak susu?
Haziq: takmau.
Ibu: Jom ibu buat susu naa?
Haziq. Takmau. nak ibu ada.

Tup. dah rasa kesian disitu. Haziq sambung lagi

Haziq: Nak ambik abah.
Ibu: Esok kita ambik abah ye sayang
Haziq :Nak ambik abah( muka dan suara dah sebak)
Ibu: Esok kita amik abah naa. Hari ni selasa. esok rabu. abah balik
Haziq: Nak amik abah. nak amik abah. jom amik abah?
Ulang2 mcm tu dekat 20 x dengan suara sebak

pastu i pun entertain dia bagi dia lupa jap. dgn kerjasama mak berjaya keluar rumah. pastu masa depan pagar sebelum gerak i call mak tanya keadaan dia. dengar suara dah ceria. i pun gerak.

actually haziq hampir tiap2 hari pun ajak amik abah dia. I think dia ingat abah dia ada kat airport sebab selalu dia nampak hantar abah kat situ.
and me..selalu konflik pagi2 di antara kesiankan anak dan bersemangat nak ke school untuk buat research. is there anyway i can choose both?
malas nak pk.takkan selesai masalah. tarik balik kerut di dahi. senyum :)

p/s: nak update pasal vacation langkawi and ipoh-lumut dll. utk reference di masa depan. xtaktau lagi bila sempat.
this month will have another unplanned vacation. itula jadinya bila sorang utara sorang selatan. mmg duit abih kat travel. syukur Allah bagi kemampuan supaya kami dapat jumpa selalu