Saturday, February 11, 2012

Family week

I'm having 1 week holiday! but it is gonna end tomorrow :( since we have public holiday until Tuesday, so I
continue for the whole week. All siblings are at home and we spend time at home like dulu-dulu where all the sibling still at home and not staying in hostel yet. My sister has almost finished her study and will start her practical on next 2 weeks while my brother is on 1 week mid semester break. However my husband need to go to campus as usual. Been apart for 2 days make me miss him so much! The upside is I can have girl chit chat with my sister before sleep macam zaman bujang dulu


For the whole week we are so busy going here and there. At home, we were busy with cooking. Mak made a delicious laksa and nasi daging. I also start to cook again and continue my interest in trying new recipes. This week I tried 2 new recipes, begedil and puding karamel. My family also asked me to make my dish of expertise: chicken curry mamak style. My dad so like this dish because he said that it's similar to the curry at his and his friend's favorite restaurant.

Puding karamel @ gula hangus


All of us went to Hasani book shop for book shopping since we got book voucer. So 4 of us make it a total of RM800 book voucher! My sister also gave me a present the book title 'Doa dan amalan ibu mengandung' that she bought at Mid Valley. The book is so good and I've been looking for it for a long time. I will update the pic later.
I also had made some shopping of maternity clothes at Jusco. I bought 1 scarlet maternity jeans and 1 pant. It is because all my pants are not comfortable anymore and I need to wear pant regularly when going to lab.
I want to watch MU  vs Liverpool now and will end this update :)

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