Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My graduation day

My graduation day was held on 21st of April. Alhamdulillah now I have MSc in Mechanical Engineering for which I worked very hard to get. (and once thought that I won't get). Only 5 of us were able to attend on that day since my younger brother had an exam. I'm so glad that my supervisor also was there, sitting on the stage because he is the school's dean. Actually I don't know that he was there, until when my name is announced and I heard someone clapped for me from the stage. I was surprised then I gave a wide smile to the Pro chancellor while receiving the scroll. As a result its appeared in my scroll receiving picture. Looks like I'm very happy to get my master. haha. I don't want to show the pic here =P Another special thing is 'm carrying my 22 weeks baby in my belly. I hope he/she will get his/her scroll too in the future and this is the first exposure to him/her. InsyaAllah.

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