Thursday, July 19, 2012

Study update?

It’s been a long time since my last update about my study. The truth is I don’t have feeling sangat to study. teruk kan? Since I’m not an official student or research fellow since June, I just go to lab on and off. lagipun boleh baca paper kat rumah kan. My interest now is about my little angel in my belly which will be delivered in about 1 month =) Last 3 weeks I had meeting with my supervisor regarding my journal paper and PhD project. I’ve started with experimental design for PhD project. InsyaAllah almost 90% finish and then ready to be discussed this week. I hope the lab technician will be able to fabricate them during my confinement period.
mencari idea @ my husband cubicle

Last week my husband got an invitation to PhD workshop organized by USM and KPT (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi). So saya pun menyibukkan diri jugak nak join walaupun tak di invite. Selamba je masuk dalam bilik seminar tu walaupun nama takde dalam list. Boleh dikatakan most of the participants lebih senior dari kami, maybe umur dalam 30 an ke 40 an dan ada gaya2 pensyarah. Terasa rendah diri di  situ dari segi pengalaman but at the same time rasa bersyukur dapat further study pada usia yang muda =) 1st session sangat impressive dan memberi kesan kepada saya. Given by Prof2 yang sangat berpengalaman and totally encourage me to study after my long honeymoon period sejak konvo hari tu. I will share the details in my next update. 

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