Friday, August 3, 2012

August coming with a good news!

Alhamdulillah yesterday 1st Aug 2012 I officially received my scholarship letter from government. Now I need to complete all the forms and return them within 2 weeks. Hopefully I manage to settle this before labour.

Checklist to do:-

1. Complete the medical check up - Done today, only wait for blood test result expected can be collected on next Wednesday, then meet a doctor

2. Beli setem hasil - tomorrow

3. Matikan setem pada surat perjanjian - tomorrow

4. Buka akaun Bank Islam - haih tiba2 KPT dah tukar bank pulak?

Another task-

1. Write a draft of cover letter to journal publisher and discuss with supervisor

2. Upload  journal

3. Print experimental rig design and give to technician


  1. tahniah:)
    utk phd ke, bestnya,,,skolar apa?

  2. yup utk phd.sama ja macam master dulu.
    diorang memang dah janji nak sponsor sampai phd cuma k ana suspen kot2 dapat lambat sebab hari tu lambat submit
    pastu suspen takut syarat utk phd ketat dari master sampai boleh menyebabkan di reject =)